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Whoa there… it was in 2007 that anyone last posted anything in this community?! O_O That makes me feel kinda sad. Then again, I haven’t posted anything since then either, so… yes =oP

Anyway, for anyone who might not have known (are you perhaps living under a rock?), the lovely Reece Shearsmith is now on Twitter! Yes, even after stating that he wouldn't (I can’t access the old TLoG Blog site to find the exact quote but it was something along those lines, after someone had been impersonating him on there), he is now on the bandwagon himself – but of course, he writes some awesome things, so there’s really nothing to complain about ;)


And I’m sure you guys would have known about Jezza being on the ol’ Twit-machine as well:


As far as I’m aware, though, neither Steve nor Mark have accounts. But it is cool to know that two out of four of the boys do ;D

ETA: Oooh now I have to edit this damn thing! (not that anyone's responded to it anyway, but meh ;) )

Look who has also now joined the land of Twitter...


Now we just need Steve to sign up and that'll be it ;)

So who else is excited about the upcoming second series of Psychoville that's currently being filmed? (and did you enjoy the first series if you watched it?)
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I stumbled across the series 1 and 2 DVDs at my library last Friday. I was familar with Mark due to Doctor Who, (although, what the hell was up with The Idiot's Lantern? Geezus. I suppose Unquiet Dead makes up for it. Most of S2 was rubbish, wasn't it? What was RTD smoking? Eek! Tangent.) and recongised Steve from a few of of his other roles, so reasoned to myself that it can't be that bad.

Cut to a few hours later, and I've watched the entire first season and am completely obsessed and in love. I've now watched series1&2, and 1 again with commentary.

I'm currently studying German, so Herr Lipp amuses me very much, mostly because that's probably what I sound like when I try to talk in German.

Also, at the moment, I'm doing asking for directions, public transport, etc, and I have to keep saying Ich bin ein Fremder/Ausländer, which translates to I am a stranger/foreigner... Which obviously amuses me to no end because Edward and Tubbs are absolutely brilliant characters.

Anyway, I am tragically alone in my love of this and need some more LoG friends! I love... Doctor Who and all the usual British comedies. I have a soft spot for history, and design. Come on. You know you want me. :D
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hay .

Oh wow introductions...where to start.

* My names Amy, im 17 and i live in WA
* I was born in the uk so this kind of humour runs through my vains
* I cant spell vains (veins?) there we go. carry on!
* I love british comedy like l.o.g, little britain, rock profile, spaced, green wing etc etc
* I dont have a fave character though i do love pauline, herr lipp and keith drop / papa lazarou
* Steve, precious Steve he is a beautiful man ^^
* That sums it up...oh yeah. Muse rocks!

lol recently ive been saving up to return to the uk but i fear that as soon as i leave the league will do there tour here. something terrible like that always happens to me =(

Is anyone here local to WA and know where i can get apocolypse (non-internet purchase). ive searched and searched but i cant find it anywhere.

later children
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Hello hello!

Hello little community!

Apologies for slightly abandoning this place, never fear my love for all things league (and steve) is still at 100% so thats all kinds of nice isn't it!

I thought i would post Hello to the few new members who have joined us! Come and introduce yourself! Who are you favourite characters? episodes? Are you (like everyone else!) a Reece fan? OR do you want to come visit me in the solitary Steve corner? hahahaha

Anyway, another point I am mentioning is a few of us girlys are getting together in early May for the second Aussie TLOG fan meet, and I was thinking on the Thursday night (4th of May) or perhaps Friday lunchtime (if peeps arn't working) we could have a meet up in Melbourne with anyone else from this community who wants to come! Last year we held it at the Lion in Melbourne Central in the lovely library, and i thought we could do it again this year! IT was lots of fun, i embaressingly dressed up as Tish hahahahahah! No not saying you have to dress up of course, but its great getting together having a drink or a few and discussing all things league/british comedy and everyhting else.

Well, i'll be posting more info as it comes, but please, if you live in Melbs, or can get to Melbs round the 4/5th of May, WE WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO JOIN US! :D :D


Reece in The Producers!!!

I think this is the most exciting news all year. Reece is to take over the role of Leo Bloom in the London production of "The Producers". This happens to be my favourite musical ever. I have seen in 5 times in total, twice in Sydney and once in Melbourne, New York and London. I plan to go to London again in August so if he is still doing it at that time I could probably die happy.

Bad new is that that rules out a League tour for another year since Reece starts the show in March. I really had high hopes that it would happen this year.

Anyway, go here for more info. http://www.officiallondontheatre.co.uk/news/display/cm/contentId/87714

wanted: one LOCAL no-tail...

'do the chickens have large talons?'

oh, wait, sorry, wrong show.

'i want to go far...'

female, 22, victoria, scorpio, ns, loves long walks on the beach. looking for interested League of Gentlemen viewers for hilarious banter and group discussions...
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