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Newbie post

Hey ya, another newbie here.

Thought I might tell you all about myself. I am 23 and live on the Central Coast of NSW. I am a recent fan of the gents. I saw the film on a plane on the way to England and got hooked pretty much straight away. I am a massive British comedy fan and some of my fav's would have to be Spaced and Black Books.

Reece is my favourite Gent and I have missed out on seeing him on stage twice due to my stupidity. I was in London last year the very time Art opened. Of course I wasn't a fan then but I did think about going to see it but decided against it. I was also there two months ago while Reece was in As You Like It. I had definately planned to go see it as I wasn't a massive fan of Reece at the time but I did know who he was and thought it might be a real good treat Mmm.. to see him live. Unfortunately I ran out of time. As soon as I get home I realise what a great talent this guy is. Now I constantly kick myself for not having forsight.

Also, another thing i'm angry about. I work at JB HiFi so we have TV's on all the time. When I got home from the UK, I went back to work. I was standing there looking at a TV and Reece was on it in a doctors uniform. I started freaking out going what the hell is he doing on tv at 2 in the afternoon. I find out that it was TLC and it was the final episode of the series. I have emailed ABC trying to find out if it will be repeated but no such luck.

Well, thats my story so far. Sorry to have you listening to my whinging but these things make me real upset when I think about it. I just have to content myself with the DVD's. I watch them everyday.

Cheers babe, you really is a star.
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