Just the bang and the clatter (dazzlingamy) wrote in log_australia,
Just the bang and the clatter


Hello new journal members! why don't you get yourself sat down! :D Also, come and introduce yourself we won't let the bugger bite you *shoes Herr Lipp away* hahaha

I love that we have more then 10 members! *does happy dance!*

ok to get a bit of discussing going, how about everyone post their favourite 5 characters and WHY they are...

here are mine

1. Pauline - because she is not a character but REAL! haha
2. Barry Baggs - because i adore the ground he walks on!
3. Geoff Tipps - because after the movie everything he says is pure GOLD!
4. Herr Lipp - i want to come on stage with him! haha no also after the movie steve has really given herr lipp heart and i adore him for that
5. Tubbs - because shes like a little kiddie and i just want to baby her...LOL hahaha

but my list changes all the time! hahaha

oh and btw, i guess you cans ee i have a widdle thing for Steve Pemberton (actually some people may call it huge lusting mentalness....but i digress)

anyway, join in, let have some talky talky eh? :D :D
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