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Ollie's email

Hi ya,

I was reading on lofg.com that you can send Ollie Plimsolls an email. Well, I thought I would give it a try and I got a reply today. I basically asked if he was bringing his Communativity to Australia. Here is what he said.

 Hi Vanessa,
             Thanks very much for your e-mail. Phil, Dave and I came to Australia a few years ago. I even took my wife Linda, we stayed in a small town in the North-east called Toowoomba. Linda didn't stay very long, she had such a fascination with the bush. She pleaded with me to spend more time there but I could never see the point. She left me.

I'd really like to come back to Australia but there doesn't seem to be as much interest in issues. If you could raise the awareness where you are, Great. My new play is about a young teen and her day to day struggle with Bulimia. It's called 'You just can't keep me down'.

Once I'm out of the wheelchair following my accident during the Communativity, I 'd really like to do a play about my near death experience and the 'issues' that some children have to face at losing
both parents. I thought about calling it 'Meal for One'. Any suggestions?

How awesome. He even mentions Toowoomba! Now, is anyone else curious as to who is sending these replies. If anyone wants to send him something, the email is ollie.plimsolls@hotmail.co.uk

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