Just the bang and the clatter (dazzlingamy) wrote in log_australia,
Just the bang and the clatter

Hello hello!

Hello little community!

Apologies for slightly abandoning this place, never fear my love for all things league (and steve) is still at 100% so thats all kinds of nice isn't it!

I thought i would post Hello to the few new members who have joined us! Come and introduce yourself! Who are you favourite characters? episodes? Are you (like everyone else!) a Reece fan? OR do you want to come visit me in the solitary Steve corner? hahahaha

Anyway, another point I am mentioning is a few of us girlys are getting together in early May for the second Aussie TLOG fan meet, and I was thinking on the Thursday night (4th of May) or perhaps Friday lunchtime (if peeps arn't working) we could have a meet up in Melbourne with anyone else from this community who wants to come! Last year we held it at the Lion in Melbourne Central in the lovely library, and i thought we could do it again this year! IT was lots of fun, i embaressingly dressed up as Tish hahahahahah! No not saying you have to dress up of course, but its great getting together having a drink or a few and discussing all things league/british comedy and everyhting else.

Well, i'll be posting more info as it comes, but please, if you live in Melbs, or can get to Melbs round the 4/5th of May, WE WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO JOIN US! :D :D

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