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I thought it was well about time that I said something in here (even though I've been kinda dominating the other League community)..

I'm a Leporidae Sapien (Rabbit-person) of the name Krista. I have four limbs and a face (which you can see above) as well as a deep and abiding love of League of Gentlemen. Most of you who go to leagueofgents are probably familiar with my paintings, and at the moment that's mostly what I'm doing with my spare time.
As far as whom I like the best out of the Gents, I must confess to fancying Reece most. Now before you say I'm just like everyone else, I have a proper excuse, damnit! My partner of 7 years has many very similar facial features to lovely Reeson. In fact, he looks like the child of Nick Cave and Reeson, if you can picture such a thing (back off, ladies).
That said, I also really adore Steve. He's portrays most of my favourite characters - I love the tiny details he puts into them all. Mark, on the other hand, is my favourite in the acting stakes. The fact that even up until recently I was convinced Mickey was played by some random actor is testament to his astounding ability to really become a character.
So... overall favourite would be... NO! I can't do it! I can't choose! And you can't make me!
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