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I stumbled across the series 1 and 2 DVDs at my library last Friday. I was familar with Mark due to Doctor Who, (although, what the hell was up with The Idiot's Lantern? Geezus. I suppose Unquiet Dead makes up for it. Most of S2 was rubbish, wasn't it? What was RTD smoking? Eek! Tangent.) and recongised Steve from a few of of his other roles, so reasoned to myself that it can't be that bad.

Cut to a few hours later, and I've watched the entire first season and am completely obsessed and in love. I've now watched series1&2, and 1 again with commentary.

I'm currently studying German, so Herr Lipp amuses me very much, mostly because that's probably what I sound like when I try to talk in German.

Also, at the moment, I'm doing asking for directions, public transport, etc, and I have to keep saying Ich bin ein Fremder/Ausländer, which translates to I am a stranger/foreigner... Which obviously amuses me to no end because Edward and Tubbs are absolutely brilliant characters.

Anyway, I am tragically alone in my love of this and need some more LoG friends! I love... Doctor Who and all the usual British comedies. I have a soft spot for history, and design. Come on. You know you want me. :D

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