sailor_earth13 (sailor_earth13) wrote in log_australia,

Random post is random...

Whoa there… it was in 2007 that anyone last posted anything in this community?! O_O That makes me feel kinda sad. Then again, I haven’t posted anything since then either, so… yes =oP

Anyway, for anyone who might not have known (are you perhaps living under a rock?), the lovely Reece Shearsmith is now on Twitter! Yes, even after stating that he wouldn't (I can’t access the old TLoG Blog site to find the exact quote but it was something along those lines, after someone had been impersonating him on there), he is now on the bandwagon himself – but of course, he writes some awesome things, so there’s really nothing to complain about ;)

And I’m sure you guys would have known about Jezza being on the ol’ Twit-machine as well:

As far as I’m aware, though, neither Steve nor Mark have accounts. But it is cool to know that two out of four of the boys do ;D

ETA: Oooh now I have to edit this damn thing! (not that anyone's responded to it anyway, but meh ;) )

Look who has also now joined the land of Twitter...

Now we just need Steve to sign up and that'll be it ;)

So who else is excited about the upcoming second series of Psychoville that's currently being filmed? (and did you enjoy the first series if you watched it?)

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