June 17th, 2007


hay .

Oh wow introductions...where to start.

* My names Amy, im 17 and i live in WA
* I was born in the uk so this kind of humour runs through my vains
* I cant spell vains (veins?) there we go. carry on!
* I love british comedy like l.o.g, little britain, rock profile, spaced, green wing etc etc
* I dont have a fave character though i do love pauline, herr lipp and keith drop / papa lazarou
* Steve, precious Steve he is a beautiful man ^^
* That sums it up...oh yeah. Muse rocks!

lol recently ive been saving up to return to the uk but i fear that as soon as i leave the league will do there tour here. something terrible like that always happens to me =(

Is anyone here local to WA and know where i can get apocolypse (non-internet purchase). ive searched and searched but i cant find it anywhere.

later children
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