On the way to Ferntree

Apocalypse DVD at HMV

Nothing we don't know about already, but I was at HMV yesterday and bought a DVD. When I got home I found a little brochure called 'DVD PREVIEW' in the bag, and on the back it had this:

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There was some mention of HMV in the UK having a number of 'special edition' covers, but it looks like we are not getting the same deal.

(Oh, and the 19th of October is my partner's birthday - do you think I should get him a copy? *snort*)
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On the way to Ferntree

Ausie LofG Meat!

Finally I have pulled my finger out to make this official...

As most of you know, I'll be in Melbourne in a few weeks time, and it has been suggested that this could be the perfect opportunity for some of us to 'meat' up.

So, here's the drub - I'll be arriving in Melbourne on Friday 30th September. I'll be there probably until the following Monday (October 3rd). I haven't made any firm plans yet, so the best idea would be for everyone else to post when they would be available during that time period, and hopefully we'll find a time that works for everyone! :)

The other question is 'what?' Should we meet up at a cafe, a pub, or for a picnic in the park? Do any of you 'local' to the area have an idea of where might be a good place for us to get together?

So, there you go - I've put it out there, so what does everyone else think?
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Just What The Doctor Ordered

Reece fans - here is your Thursday night reminder to set your VCR for the ABC, 2.00 pm tomorrow for your weekly dose of TLC!

Also, Goodies fans may be interested in this: UKTV tonight, 9.30 - 10.30 pm, a doco about Bill Oddie titled "Who Do You Think You Are".